Memory Care Construction Update

February 2014

February 07, 2014

We finally had a good week of weather at the Stoney River Memory Care Community and the framers started putting up the roof trusses. Below are photos that shows the progression of the work, and the facility is just starting to take shape. Over the next couple of weeks the workers will finish putting up the trusses and enclosing the roof. When this phase is completed, people will have a good idea what the facility will look like.

Memory Care Construction Update

January 2014

January 31, 2014

Due to the extremely cold weather, little work was completed on the project site this week. Toward the end of the week however, the framers started to prepare the building for the roof trusses. In the picture you can see the four girder trusses they installed that will guide the installation of the rest of the trusses. Starting Monday, construction will resume at full speed.