Caregivers Rejuvenate with Memory Care Respite

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia is an around-the-clock job. It can be physically demanding and emotionally draining. Caregivers need—and deserve—a break! Respite care provides caregivers a temporary rest while their loved one continues to receive care from someone else.

Respite care can be provided by a friend or relative, if they are available and up for the challenge, or a professional caregiver in the home. Adult day care centers offer care for an afternoon or day. Memory care communities can provide overnight night care up to a couple of weeks.

Sometimes just taking an afternoon to exercise or run a few errands is enough to refresh. Often, a longer break is needed to truly recharge a caregiver’s batteries. Time to connect with friends and family or take a vacation can help someone be a better caregiver. Although caregivers often feel guilty about taking a break, time away helps avoid caregiver burnout, which can lead to exhaustion, depression and difficulty providing good care.

Respite care can also be good for the people receiving the care. A new caregiver or change of scenery may renew their energy as well. And if a change of scenery is stressful, then it may be good to slowly have your loved one get familiar with respite care. That way it will be an easier transition whenever needed, especially if an emergency should arise.

Tips for Respite Care Success
• If using a friend, relative, volunteer or paid caregiver in the home, take your time introducing the two and share detailed instructions about routines, medications, food preferences and suggested
• If using an adult day care center, find out if the staff is trained in dementia care, what activities they offer those with dementia and how they keep attendees safe.
• If using a memory care community, make sure the team seems genuinely interested in getting to know your loved one and understanding his or her needs and preferences. Bring a few personal items
from home like a favorite blanket, sweater or photograph to make the room more comfortable.
• If you’re feeling uneasy, try and find comfort and peace-of-mind knowing that your loved one is safe and spending time with others who care.

Stoney River Memory Respite Care
Stoney River Memory Care offers respite care stays.

Guests receive highly-personalized care and attention from specially trained caregivers. They customize daily schedules for guests and provide opportunities for purpose and engagement.
Private apartment homes encircle a community space for easy navigation and socialization. Plus, a resident-designated cooking space and secure access to an outdoor courtyard promote security and independence.

To learn more or request a Memory Care Respite brochure, call 715-207-6423 or email [email protected].